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Intex Airbed


The Intex airbed is produced by one of the leading air bed manufacturers in the current market for air mattresses and air beds. Intex offers a wide array of airbed options in both product selection and price range. Starting at around $40 and going all the way up to $200, you can be sure to find an Intex airbed that will suit all your wants and needs.

But one the best features of Intex airbeds is that they have such a great selection of air mattress styles including airbeds for home, camping air beds, and luxurious raised air beds. To help you find an Intex airbed that suits you best, here is some information on a few of the top Intex air mattresses on the market today.


Intex Downy Airbed

Although there are several great models of Intex air beds to choose from, one of the more popular air mattresses they have available is the affordable Intex Downy Air Bed. This Intex airbed is great for camping or for unexpected guests at home. It has a unique wave beam construction that delivers the comfort and support you need to get a good night's sleep. The Intex Downy Air Bed also features a flocked top to prevent your sheets for falling off and its handy 2 in 1 inflation valve makes inflating and deflating your air mattress fast and easy. Once the air bed is inflated, it has perfect dimensions for sheets that are standard size.

Intex Super-Tough Camping Airbed

If camping is more your thing, then you'll be pleased with the large selection of Intex airbed products that have been designed specifically for camping. One of their better camping air beds is the Intex Super-Tough Camping Air Bed. This sturdy camping air bed sits a full 10" off the ground and can give you the extra support you need even when you're out in the woods. It has a convenient hand held rechargeable pump which allows you to easily inflate and deflate this airbed. The Intex Super-Tough Camping Air Bed can stand up to the most rugged terrain while you are camping due to its special laminate vinyl. So when it comes to durability, this is one Intex airbed you can count on to last.

Intex Memory Foam Top Ultra Deluxe Airbed

One of the other customer favorites is the Intex Memory Foam Top Ultra Deluxe Air Bed. This Intex airbed, known as the king-of-all-air-beds, is an excellent hi-rise air bed that includes all best features available. The top of the air bed has memory foam built right in to give you incredible comfort and support while you are sleeping. Some people even believe it surpasses a normal mattress to use as a permanent sleeping option.

But it's the convenient features that puts this Intex airbed a cut above the rest. It includes a multi-direction remote so you can quickly and easily adjust the bed at the touch of a button. This Intex airbed puts you in complete control. But even better is the fact that the air bed sits a full 20" above the ground which makes it super easy to get in and out of the bed. And last but not least, this Intex air bed has a dual air chamber which will provide both stability and comfort while you are sleeping even if your partner has a different height or weight. With the handy bag that is included with the Intex Memory Foam Air Bed, you can take this bed with you anywhere and easily store it away when you're done.

Intex Supreme Airbed With   Battery Pump

Are you looking for a camping air bed at a great price? If so, the Intex Supreme Air Bed with and included Battery Pump is the air mattress for you. Not only is this an affordable Intex airbed, it stands 9" above the ground and is very comfortable. Whether you are sleeping on the hard ground or in a tent, you will love the comfort top assembly which has been patterned off of traditional mattresses to ensure the bed stays sturdy and upright. If you love spending time in the great outdoors, then this Intex airbed is perfect for your next camping trip.

No matter the price range or specific features, you are sure to find an Intex airbed that will meet your needs. With a perfect balance between selection and price, Intex airbeds offer the best of both worlds. So try out and Intex airbed for yourself and discover why so many air mattress consumers love this brand.

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