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An AeroBeds mattress is one of the best made air mattresses on the market today. You can use an AeroBeds mattress to save money on a hotel, go on a camping trip, or simply to visit a close friend. AeroBeds mattresses are also compact, lightweight, and very easy to carry or store on an airplane or in your car.


One of the best characteristics of an AeroBeds mattress is that they are very durable and puncture-resistant. If you are going to using an AeroBeds mattress for camping, you will be able to enjoy the comforts of home while you are sleeping outdoors. AeroBeds has even added raised air beds to allow you to sleep higher off the ground and give you that feeling of sleeping at home.

Although the durability of the AeroBeds air mattress is one of its top features, the most important feature of this blow up mattress is its comfort. Aero Beds mattresses are one of the most comfortable blow up mattresses you will find. Many of the AeroBeds mattresses available are covered with a cotton laminate and mattress pad and they remain firm and comfortable all night long without the need for additional maintenance.

AeroBed air mattresses are designed to inflate and deflate very quickly and easily and most include a stylish bag for easy storage. If you are looking for the best air mattress on the market, look no further. The AeroBeds mattress is the one blow up mattress that gives you the best bang for the buck.

But before you run out and buy the first Aero Bed mattress you see, take a look at some of our favorite AeroBeds mattresses to help you determine which one will suit you best.

AeroBeds Instasleep Full Inlfatable Air Mattress

This full-size AeroBeds mattress is the perfect solution for housing overnight guests, visiting friends and family, or going camping. This air bed works anywhere you need to have an extra bed that is comfortable and easy to set up.

The AeroBed InstaSleep feature allows you or your guests to sleep with incredible comfort and coziness. You can control the air bed's firmness using AeroBeds One Touch Comfort Control which will give you maximum comfort.

This AeroBeds mattress also includes the exclusive Versa Flo pump which allows you to inflate or deflate the air mattress in less than 60 seconds. Like all AeroBed mattresses, this bed is made of heavy gauge puncture-resistant vinyl which is non-allergenic and the plush velvet sleeping surface will make you think you are sleeping in your own bed.

This air mattress is incredibly versatile and you will love how easy it is to deflate it, roll it up, and store it in its durable carrying bag. Instasleep air mattresses are built to last and they even come with a 2 year limited express warranty.

AeroBeds Guest Choice Twin Inflatable Air Mattress

This twin size AeroBeds mattress is the perfect choice for those spur of the moment guests, slumber parties, or even for college dorms. You can use the patented Aerobed pump to inflate the air bed in only 60 seconds and it comes with the exclusive Quick Air Release Valve technology to make your indoor sleep-overs much more convenient and easier to set up and take down.

The bed contains interior coil construction which provides added comfort and support for your back and the soft velvet sleeping surface makes your sleeping experience incredibly relaxing. As with most AeroBeds mattresses, it is constructed out of heave gauge PVC vinyl which is resistant to getting punctured.

Once you are finished using the air bed, the Quick Air Release Valve will deflate the entire mattress in only 15 seconds. This AeroBed air mattress only weighs 10.4 pounds, but it is strong enough to hold a user weight of 650 pounds. It comes with a handy storage bag for quick and easy storage and is backed by a 1 year warranty.

AeroBeds Sleep Away Full Inflatable Air Mattress

This full size AeroBeds mattress is an excellent solution for putting up overnight guests, having sleep overs, or to use in college dorm rooms. The AeroBed Sleep Away is an inflatable bed that is incredibly simple to inflate thanks to the built-in hands-free pump that has been integrated into the bottom of the bed. It can inflate the entire air bed to a full 9 inches in only 60 seconds and it deflates in less than a minute using the Quick Air Release Valve.

Your views about sleeping on an blow up mattress will never be the same once you have slept on this AeroBeds mattress. It has a plush velvety sleeping surface and interior coil construction that gives you all the comfort and support you will ever need. Since it is puncture resistant and made of heavy duty non-allergenic PVC vinyl, you don't have to worry about handling this blow up mattress with kid gloves.

The air bed can hold a maximum user weight of approximately 650 pounds, but the bed itself only weighs 13 pounds. Once you are done using the air mattress, simply roll it up and store it in the convenient carrying bag. This AeroBeds mattress is also backed by a one year warranty.